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Enlightened By Dogs with Kathy Kawalec

Nov 26, 2018

If you have a dog, there’s a chance you enjoy both the companionship, and the challenges. But what happens when you encounter obstacles that threaten happiness for the both of you? In this episode Kathy is sharing her tips and insights on how to create a deeply happy and thriving partnership with your dogs


In This...

Nov 19, 2018

More and more listeners are tuning in to the show! As a thank you, Kathy is sharing her gratitude practice with you. It’s been proven that gratitude is shown to have a positive impact psychologically, socially and physiologically, and so there are perks to putting a gratitude practice into action. Especially when it...

Nov 12, 2018

It’s important to reconnect and stay in touch with what really matters most. In this episode, I read a love letter from my heart to my dogs. I also invite you to share what you would say in a letter to your dog!


In This Episode

  • Spreading the message that our dogs are amazing
  • A letter to my dogs, from my heart to...

Nov 5, 2018

We’re talking about the single most powerful and effective dog training tool available. Do you know what it is? Communication. Our communication, both verbal and non-verbal, has so much power to create amazing and functional relationships. But without using the right language for you and your dog: accomplishing...