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Enlightened By Dogs with Kathy Kawalec

Aug 27, 2018

Do you need your dog to down/stay on a mat? Or are you willing to exchange that for something much more amazing? Today’s episode goes deep into what we truly desire from our dog’s behavior, and why we might be taking a more difficult approach than necessary.


Listen in as Kathy takes is through the process to...

Aug 20, 2018

A reactive dog can be a heartbreaking situation for someone who has big goals. Especially when that dog is supposed to be an agility superstar and ends up biting someone out of fear. What do you do when something serious happens? How do you turn that around? Cindy joins Kathy on this episode of Enlightened By Dogs to...

Aug 13, 2018

Do I engage with my dog all day long while they’re awake? What triggers the behaviours you don’t want your dog to have? Kathy answers these questions and more in a Q&A she hosted online! She also gives you the opportunity to jump in on a very special offer she has going on right now!


In This Episode

  • Live Q&A

Aug 6, 2018

Grief, growth, love and life are on tap today as the author of Soul Love, Teresa Bitner is joining Kathy on today’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs! The book is about how a dog taught Teresa and her sons how to live, love and breathe again after their family is struck by tragedy.


In This Episode:

  • Teresa starts the...