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Enlightened By Dogs with Kathy Kawalec

Oct 1, 2018

Would you step over a $10 bill to pick up a penny? It’s unlikely, but what if that penny were the beginning of a trail to unimaginable riches. That’s the premise of today’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs. Kathy takes us through some of the stories of her Brilliant Partners, and the deeply rooted successes they are having with their dogs!


In This Episode

  • The Penny Trail
  • Sally’s tale and tears of joy
  • Jane’s coaching take away
  • Helen’s subtle shift
  • Jennifer’s quick note
  • Brilliant Dog Partner Precepts


“Find your own penny trail”

“He thanked me for the relief from the pain he had been feeling”

“Let me speak to you in a way I know you understand”

“The answer is to pay more attention to my dog, and not the environment”

“He chose to stay, and focused on the task at hand”

“We work together”

“Be Brilliant”


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